How to Prevent (and Heal) Sun-Damaged Hair

How to Prevent (and Heal) Sun-Damaged Hair

David Mallett, founder of his eponymous haircare brand, notes, “The best preventative care you can take here is wearing a hat or headscarf and sitting under an umbrella when you’re not swimming.” He advises being smart with your hairstyles, saying, “While it isn’t direct sun damage, summertime usually means outdoor workouts and beach visits where wet hair gets tied up and potentially tangled. Try to not use tight elastics, which can damage hair follicles, and avoid tight topknots, which put pressure on the hairline. Use a softer style like a low ponytail or braid, or twist the hair and secure with a pin. Try to also avoid fine-tooth combs on wet hair. Attempt to comb hair with your fingers first and employ the use of a hair serum to help detangle knots.”

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