allure US: Best of Beauty Award 2016

allure US: Best of Beauty Award 2016


The airy white cloud of powder releases from the pump with a delicate “poof” sound, but when it lands on your hair, it’s completely imperceptible. The scent, which is slightly fruity and faintly soapy, is barely noticeable—you have to hold your hair directly to your nose and breathe in deep to get a whiff.


Spray the fine powder into your roots, massage it in with your fingertips, and it’ll give you Brigitte Bardot levels of volume (even for our fine-haired tester whose hair hangs down past her shoulder blades). Sprinkle it through the lengths of your hair and you’ll achieve that tousled, laissez-faire texture that looks enviably cool and insouciantly sexy. It’s also a great way to beef up slim braids or wimpy chignons when sprayed into the hair before styling. And while it looks like a dry shampoo and feels like a dry shampoo, it wasn’t developed to soak up oil—although, we noticed it did do a good job of reviving our second-day hair.

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