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  • Range No.1: l'HYDRATATION
    Range No.1: l'HYDRATATION

    The Range No.1: L’Hydratation counters harmful environmental influences and constant damage caused to hair by daily blow-drying and styling – in the salon, customers often look for a product range specifically designed to care for damaged hair without leaving it greasy or weighing it down.

  • Range No.2: LE VOLUME
    Range No.2: LE VOLUME

    In contrast to other hair types, fine hair demands much more protection and restorative care. This also applies to hair that is severely damaged due to frequent blow-drying and straightening. Without a constant supply of vitamins and trace elements, fine hair quickly become brittle and fragile.

  • Styling, Finish & Lifestyle
    Styling, Finish &...

    With the success of No.1: L’HYDRATATION and No.2: LE VOLUME, demand has been growing for styling products that perfectly complement the cleansing and care ranges by David Mallett. Here, too, our aim was to create formulas that does not weigh hair down.


    Hair, and even more so, coloured hair, is regularly exposed to stress, frequent exposure to chemicals and external pollutants, including smoke and sun damage. Without particular maintenance, dyed hair can be easily damaged, prone to breakage and vulnerable to colour fading. What colour-treated hair essentially needs is a specialised treatment to boost shine and tonify hair cuticles allowing vibrant colour with long lasting stability.

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